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Health & Wellness

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Corporate Office

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Health & Wellness:


Your clients go to the gym to get fit and healthy. Having a facility that not only looks clean but feels clean will set you apart from the competition. We understand the importance of properly sanitized showers and wet areas, dust-free equipment and clean floors for maximizing the health and wellness environment for your members. Sierra Alpha has carved out a niche in this specialized industry and understands the challenges that must be met in order to exceed the high expectations of your members and maintain their loyalty.



We understand the competitive nature of the retail sector and challenges associated with high customer expectations and disciplined corporate requirements. Providing a clean and safe first impression is key to drawing in clientele and creating a comfortable environment to shop. Sierra Alpha offers experienced cleaning services and supervision and executes these with the careful attention to detail needed in a retail environment

Corporate Office:


We offer flexible cleaning schedules: day, evening, overnight, and weekend as your corporate office environment requires. The World Health Organization (WHO) has found that the current generation spends more time working indoors than ever before. The quality of the air we breathe at the office, and its overall cleanliness, plays a big role in our health and wellness. Employee sick time costs businesses in lost productivity and efficiency. Sierra Alpha understands the importance of creating a clean and healthy work environment to prevent or reduce workplace illness and employee absenteeism.



When it comes to grocery stores, cleanliness is of paramount importance. We provide specialized janitorial care that ranges from utilizing food safe cleaning products to ensuring a safe shopping environment free of slip, trip and fall hazards. Through our many years of experience in this space, we understand the importance of providing your customers with a clean and inviting environment while also ensuring their safety by keeping floors and aisle ways free of debris and potential slip hazards.



Warehouses are a magnet for dirt, debris, and chemical buildup. With tools, supplies, and product constantly coming in and out, warehouses can quickly become a hazardous place for workers and can negatively impact productivity. Providing a clean workplace for your employees can improve health and wellness and also increase worker productivity. Sierra Alpha understands the unique needs of the warehouse/manufacturing environment and can provide you with cleaning and decontamination services for your warehouse facility with minimal interruption to your production and processes.



In the hospitality and service industry, cleanliness is key to providing your guests with a warm and inviting environment. Within the hotel space we understand the importance of working with minimal disruption and intrusion to avoid negative impact on the experience of your business and leisure guests alike. In the restaurant environment, we also understand the unique nature of your food handling and preparation areas as well as the specific requirements of your dining room setting. Sierra Alpha will work closely with you to tailor a program that will address your individual needs.



Event spaces pose a unique challenge with potentially hundreds to thousands of guests attending and utilizing multiple areas simultaneously. Entryways, restrooms, bars, lounges, concession stands may all be experiencing a large influx of guests at the same time and require experienced staff to navigate through these challenges in a professional and courteous manner. You can count on the well-trained cleaning staff at Sierra Alpha to positively contribute to making any event at your venue a success.



Educational cleaning presents a number of challenges, in part because sanitation and cleanliness is not top-of-mind for many students. Our goal when cleaning an educational facility is to minimize the spread of bacteria, viruses and communicable diseases in a very high touch and high-traffic environment. Sierra Alpha uses a sustainable approach to cleaning and will customize the program to fit your individual needs. Our environmentally friendly cleaning programs will improve indoor air quality and reduce the spread of bacteria, viruses and communicable diseases throughout the facility. This leads to a healthier, more productive environment for students, faculty, and staff alike.

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